Dubai, UAE

W/H # 8, Behind Al Shirawi Eqpt

Al Marabea Street, Al Quoz Ind Area  3

PO Box: 118478, DUBAI UAE

Telephone: +971 4 34 11 273

Telefax : +971 4 34 11 486

Mail: procal@emirates.net.ae

Abu Dhabi, UAE

PROCAL Measuring & Control Equipment

W/S 6, Industrial Area,

Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel: +971 2 8882844

Fax: +971 2 8882845

Cell: +971 52 9972774

Mail: marketing@procalme.com

Dammam, KSA

ERAM PROCAL Measuring & Control Eqpt. 

PO Box: 76629, Al Khobar

Dammam, KSA

Tel: +966 3 814 2664

Fax: +966 3 857 5110

Mail: procal@emirates.net.ae


ERAM PROCAL Measuring & Control Eqpt.

PO Box: 20795, 4th Floor,

Old HSBC Bank Building,
Grand Hamad Street, Doha- Qatar
Tel: +974 4488 0038

Fax: +974 4488 0068

Mail: projects@procalme.com


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Welcome To Procal

It gives me a great pleasure to present PROCAL Measuring and Control equipment before you and requesting to solicit your interest in our humble offerings. By almighty’s grace PROCAL has achieved success and recognition all beyond the expectations and limits.

The credit of pedestal success would not have been achieved without the sincere and gratitude efforts of our Employees, Our overseas Business partners, Associates and Well wishers. We have got immense sup

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How we can help you:

  • Pressure Calibration
  • Electrical & Weights
  • Hydro Testing
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Temperature Calibration


Eram Group, a leading business conglomerate with well established business presence across the continents was founded in the mid 1980s. Ever since, over the past decades, ERAM has maintained a prime position in the market leadership in multi-faceted business lines like Industrial Contracting, Technical Human Resources, Automotive, Health-care, Travel, IT, Trading etc.

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We provide the following services in the automation sector:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Procurement, Inspection & Supply
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • E. on Hire Service
  • Torque Instruments
  • Electrical Instruments

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