Pipe Freezing Services

Procal has been carrying out this activity since 2015 and in past 3 years we have been carrying out Pipe freezing and supporting End User and Contractors in different fields –  Hotels, Construction Building, Warehouses, Plants, Malls, Resorts, etc.

Pipe freezing is method to freeze the content of a section of pipe by applying cryogenic (i.e. very low temperature) freezing agent in a controlled manner.

When the ice plugs are formed maturely, maintenance works to the pipe can be carried out between the ice plug without draining massive amount of pipe fluid.

This technique has been used on cross-country pipeline, process plants and pipelines containing water, sewage and a wide range of oils and other fluids etc.

Pipe Freezing to be carried for :

  • Performing maintenance and repair works on pipelines with non-functional valves.
  • Repair works on leaking pipelines.
  • Replacing valves or flanges in pipelines with no zone valves.
  • Insertion of branch in pipelines with no zone valves.

We provide Pipe Freezing Service with the following advantages:

  • Convenient – No need for massive draining of fluid.
  • Flexible – No need to shut system down.
  • Time Saving – Shorten system downtime.
  • Money Saving – Minimize labor required and loss of fluid / resources.
  • Hassle Free – No need to purge air or refill fluid after work is completed.
  • Reliable – Certainty in project time.
  • Quick – No extra workload.

In order to suit for the industry and 24 hours working live working environment and basic requirement of UAE, Middle East Region we are capable and ready to carry out this activity round the clock 24 hrs either in day / night based on client / site requirement to complete the work in shutdown period.

With all the Resources, Chambers, Necessary tools, tackles, Manpower required for carrying out Pipe Freezing readily available in our facility, Chambers up to 24” line size…..it helps us to carry out job within 24/48 hours once its confirmed by client.